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Why are experts ignoring... ? (MoChinese News)

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Why are experts ignoring the rise of China?
Will China rule the world? Many have expressed doubt, but Martin Jacques, author of a bestseller on China issues, is firmly on the side of “yes.”
At a recent Beijing book reading to celebrate his release, the second edition of When China Rules the World, Jacques said he wondered why people are ignoring the rise of the new global powerhouse with a closed mind.
June 8th, 2012. * Beijing Today author:Bao Chengrong 

Although three years have passed since the book’s release, Jacques said he still believes China will shape the world as it continues to grow. “I don’t see any reason to change (my conclusions) because as I finished the book, its development was speeding up,” he said. However, he did make some revisions in the second edition that was published in March. He added a new chapter at the end about the world financial crisis and the possible transformation of China and the US. In addition, a two-hour interview he had with a Chinese journalist in 2009 inspired him to add fresh points on the section about the “civilization-state.” Civilization-state is one of the most important concepts in Jacques’ book. He got the idea from a book written by Lucian Pye that states China is a civilization masquerading as a nation.
The word “civilization” inspired Jacques to research China’s history. After extensive digging, he began to realize that it was more fitting to call China a civilization-state rather than a “nation-state.”
“The identity of Western nations has more to do with nations, because they have been nation-states for much longer,” Jacques said.

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