Recursos Externos

a) Free External Resources
b) Free External Photo Resources 

1 - Google search / Social media curator

The Rise of the Social Media Curator | Social Media Today - 26 Apr 2012 – The Internet is a mess. There's so much information out there that it's a blessing we can find anything at all. Sure, you can ask Google for a hint, ...

How to be a formidable content curator: a 17-step guide | Econsultancy
16 May 2012 – It's largely accurate, due to the rise of social media, but I think we are mainly '
curators', as opposed to 'publishers'. Content curation is ...
2 - Learn languages reading world magazines
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World pagazines and newspapers *
Gazeta International English * The Moscow Times English * Pravda English * The Russia Journal English *
Russia Today English * The St. Petersburg Times English * Vladivostok News English, Russian *
Asahi Shimbun English * The Daily Yomiuri English * Japan Times English * Kyodo News Service English * Mainichi Daily News English * Nikkei Net Interactive English, Japanese *

3 - Learn english reading News in Levels 
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 When you learn English, you have to learn in whole sentences and in context.