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Carlsen: I will be the man to beat for sometime

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Carlsen: I will be the man to beat for sometime

I will be the man to beat, warns Carlsen

By Venkata Krishna B | ENS - CHENNAI
Published: 26th November 2013 

It was not his tactics or gameplan that helped Magnus Carlsen become the new king of chess. It was the long walks at Semmozhi Park, spending quality time with his family at Fisherman’s Cove, kicking up dust while playing football and basketball at Santhome School – all part of his relaxing strategy that brought him laurels.

Speaking to the media on Monday after the closing ceremony which saw him officially crowned as new world champion, Carlsen said he had to calm his nerves after the first two rounds to strangle five-time world champion Viswanathan Anand, who was under pressure.

“At the start I was nervous because of the pressure of playing in the World Chess Championship. But after that I calmed down and treated it like just another tournament and did what I do usually to relax – to do some sports and movies in between. I also made it a point not to be tensed and think about the results and focused on what was there in front,” he said. [Watch video]

Carlsen, who is ranked number one in the world, said the title has reduced the burden of expectations and he will look to consolidate his position at the top for long, “I’ve been ranked number one for sometime and it was always a little burden that I didn’t win the World Championship and now that I have that, I can relax a bit and play the way I’ve been playing so far. I have a quite a lead with the world No 1 tag and the World Championship, so I will be the man to beat for sometime,” he said with confidence.

The Norwegian credited his family, especially his father, for his success and added he is already looking forward to the next World Championship, which will be held in November 2014. “One of the reasons why I have not revealed my seconds, who did a remarkable job during the course of the match, is they will be involved in my preparation for the title defense next year and I don’t want to hamper my preparations,” he said.  

Carlsen: I will be the man to beat for sometime
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