lunes, 13 de junio de 2011

J'accuse the American gun industry...

What a coincidence. I write from Mexico, where my family and I arrived yesterday for a visit. I visit Mexico, and Mexican President Felipe Calderon arrives to the U.S. for his fourth visit (thus far) in calendar year 2011. Calderon went to San Jose, California, and here’s what the presidential website had to say about it:

Today President Felipe Calderon began the activities of his working visit to this city, one of the most important of California, United States….President Calderon met with the Mexican community and reiterated the commitment of the federal government with the defense of the rights and promotion of the interests of the fellow Mexicans abroad.

Visita de Trabajo a la Ciudad de San José, California, E.U.A. Presidencia de la República, June 11th, 2011
Calderon went off on a rant against the U.S. gun industry. According to El Universal:

President Felipe Calderon launched a J’accuse [Yo acuso in Spanish] against the gun industry of the United States as the cause of thousands of deaths in Mexico, within the fight against organized crime.

” Why does this arms business continue? I say it openly, for lucre, for the profits that it produces for the American gun industry. J’accuse the American gun industry of the deaths of thousands that are occurring in Mexico”, said Calderon before some 600 Mexican migrants.

“J’accuse and demand, I demand that this matter be put in order. This is not even about reforming the constitution of the United States, but only with re-establishing what President Clinton did once, the law that prohibits the sale of assault weapons, with that we are going to win in many things.”


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